Russellville, Alabama

Conference #10 of the Fall 2017 travel season led our team to minister in the family of Calvary Baptist Church from November 12 through November 15.  This week found our family and our team at the end of ten conferences in a ten week period and everyone was tired and ready for a break, but Calvary had scheduled our team with the same expectations as the first church conference in our schedule.

The team did a fantastic job of ministering to the staff and church members, engaging in conversation and spending time with host families as well as being dedicated to working hard while in the church.

Following are some photos of our time in Russellville as well as some testimonies from members of this community and how God impacted their lives through a concentrated time spent as individuals and as a church family seeking God together and prioritizing life around His plan.


Thank you so much for your word. I didn’t realize that I was so tired, distracted, and too busy for others.  I always felt like a giving person, but now realize I’m not as giving as God wants me to be.  He wants me to give so very much more. I believe I was so tired and distracted because I wasn’t doing what God wants me to.  Thank you so very much for opening my eyes to this. This week has been a wonderful blessing to me.  Thank you. B Brown

Prior to this week I was going through struggles in my marriage and some of my friendships. This conference has shown me to let go of the hurt and push forward in love….God’s love. Thank you for being such a blessing!

God found me in a place of neglecting Him and His word. Jeremiah 2:19 was like a dagger to my heart and God broke down barriers the day after the message on it was preached. God has given me unexplainable peace that I have wanted for so long. Praise the Lord!


Suffolk, Virginia

Conference #9 of 10 this fall in our season landed us in Suffolk, Virginia where the team was able to celebrate Thanksgiving and an early Christmas during our time ministering to and with the people of this community.  Our last stop of this season is next week in Russellville, Alabama.  Pray for the Silver team… for safe travels, energy and focus for those we meet and serve. Keep us in your prayers over break as we minister in different ways, places and also as the team members make decisions about traveling the next year.

Delaware, Ohio

Hayden, Alabama

O’Fallon, Illinois

Leaving Camp September 2017

Anna Claire playing Archery Tag at the camp.

Joshua playing Archery Tag.

Morgan and Lindsey out for a drive.

Joshua and Callum

Joshua’s first VBS

Peter Parker

Chicago Airport

Lindsey and Rohly the duck.

Jenn Harden Black


Learning to Trap-shoot

Shane baptizes Lindsey

This summer seemed to take flight even before we realized it.  The children reconnected with old friends and made new friends.  The girls camped in a tent for a month with other staff kid girls. They rode scooters, horses, bikes, skateboards, ripstiks and the tops of golf carts.  We were blessed with a new bike, a horse, a place to keep the horse, a temporary house to live in, and amazing friends. We looked tirelessly for a home and were outbid on several occasions, we changed teams, said goodbye to beloved team members and hello to new marriages, babies and families.  We buried a duck named Rohly, several frogs and Parker the rabbit. Lindsey was baptized and Joshua attended VBS for the first time and loved it!  We ate way too many Thornburgers at Bucks in St. Joe, drove to Chicago airport twice, flew to South Carolina, went to a horse camp in Pennsylvania, and served with We Can Ride program in Berrien Springs.  Our family still has not made it to the U.P. much less Holland MI but we are hopeful every summer.

Grace and her fluffy at the Harvest Bible Chapel Day at the Lake