Bend us, sometimes even break us…


While in Kansas City, Missouri the Lord blessed us with a little snow.  I say blessed because our family has never experienced snow and because it was not enough to stop normal activity.  Many of you are chuckling now because you do experience snow on a regular basis and it does bring everything to a stop.  The picture included here is a small snapshot of what we were amazed by.  The little snow we have seen has always been wet snow in a very humid part of the country and melts almost as soon as it lands.  This snow, however, stayed in perfect little shapes like you sprinkle on cupcakes or sugar cookies.  It was amazing to see the design and creativity in each little flake.  I had heard stories of each snowflake being its own design and no two snowflakes being the same but I had never actually experienced it.  I was so amazed that I ran around snapping pictures of little areas of flakes and this one shot you have here is one of my favorites.



I am reminded of the name Yatsar (yaw-TSAR) a name for God which means The Potter.  Mary Southerland says it best when she says that if we try to shape ourselves we fail miserably and often settle for so much less than what God has in mind.  The Potter wants to create something eternally beautiful He wants to make us more like His Son, Jesus.  Complete surrender means we yield to Him with no ifs, ands or buts, allowing Him to bend us, sometimes even break us, and change us.  He works with a specific vision in mind, a one-of-a-kind design for you and for me.  Shane and I learned this when we surrendered to Life Action Ministries in November 2010, we both had a heart for the Road Team Ministry, we wanted to minister together as a family on a full time basis.  We were told this would be impossible, so after tears, prayers and many months God changed our hearts and our prayers to “Lord, we want to live for Your glory alone, wherever You decide to put us.”  God took us through those months molding and shaping us to be more dependent on Him, to live in utter dependence on God is to trust Him with our plans, desires, families, homes, lives, everything.  He is preeminent and our lives should be prioritized around Him.

November 2013, three years after we joined Life Action Ministries, God placed us physically where He had placed our hearts in 2010, in Road Team Ministry.  We are still amazed at how He works, grateful that He is in control, sees all things, knows all things and has the perfect plan for each and every one of us.  Blessings to you and may you seek Him with all your heart and be known by His love.  Leigh