30 Dolphins Stranded and Saved

As I watched this video I began to think of all of the people that we come into contact with every day (hundreds if not thousands) that are rapidly “swimming” their way to a certain death as well. We have friends, acquaintances, and family that God has placed in our path because they are headed for a spiritual death. They are swimming along, following the currents of life…seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are headed for a certain destructive end. These people need God to rescue them and we are the vessels that He chooses to use. As I watched all of the heroes in this video coming to the aid of the dolphins, I noticed it began with only a few. Then more and more came to help in this beautiful rescue of these helpless creatures. This causes me to ask…”Where are the heroes of the faith today in your community….is it you?” “Where are the few…?” Could it be that the “many” are just waiting for the “few” to step up and come to the aid of those around us that will surely die without our Savior? Imagine with me if this video would have had a completely different scenario. What if the people on the beach would have just stood there and watched the dolphins flap and flutter on the shore, struggling as they breathed their last breathe? Then, we see everyone standing around their lifeless, still bodies. WOW! THEY DID NOTHING! OUTRAGED! They could have done something! But these people were more concerned with themselves than the lives of these dolphins. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! They just stood there as if to say, “Sorry….you are going to have to die without my help!” Fellow believers, where is our outrage? Why are we not concerned about the eternal finality of the souls around us? Could it be that we are more concerned with ourselves? Our comfort? Our convenience? Our time? Our schedule? Are we just standing here as if to say, “Sorry…you can just go to Hell! Without my help!”? Non believers, I don’t want you to die without knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord. You are a sinner and the wages of sin is death! But, God loves you so much that while you were a sinner and dead in your sin, He sent His only Son here to earth. Jesus was born and lived a perfect life that you and I should have lived. But, His Father placed upon Him the life that we lived. Jesus was crucified on a tree and He payed the price that you and I should have paid. And then He conquered death by rising from the grave and ascending to the right hand of His Father in Heaven. Now…here is the great news….DON’T MISS THIS! Now, for all who believe on Jesus Christ and turn from their sins, God will place upon them the life that Christ lived. He will forgive you of all your sins and give you eternal life. God will conquer your death! He will rescue you!  No one reading this post is reading it by chance! Believer…God wants you and me to share His gospel to a lost and dying world! Rescue the dying! Non-believer….God wants to rescue YOU! Read John 3:16!


We need You, Lord!  We desperately need YOU!



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